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Summer 2016 HYPE
The HYPE program at Centennial College has given many young people new confidence to return to school by helping to overcome the economic and social barriers that may have interfered with school attendance in the past and by providing a supportive, inclusive environment for youth aged 17-29, primarily living in the underserved neighbourhoods of Toronto.

The HYPE Program  provides a six-week, on-campus, tuition-free learning experience, including learning materials, transportation, and meals, to reduce as many barriers as possible to post-secondary education.

This summer, from July 4 – August 11, classes will run Monday to Wednesday, from 10:00am to 3:00pm with an hour allotted for lunch.  Thursdays operate in the same manner, however, instead of class, the entire group of students come together to participate in skill and personal development workshops, such as Personal Empowerment, Goal Setting, and Financial Management.  On Fridays, HYPE offers optional classes in College Preparation for those who are interested in pursuing post-secondary education. College Preparation classes focus on reading, writing, note taking, group work, personal time management, and creating a school/life balance.
Benefits of the HYPE Program Tuition-free six-week on-campus summer program
· Support for applications for full-time study
· Learn from post-secondary professors
· Classes include breakfast and lunch
· Students are provided with TTC Tokens

We are offering the following 6 courses for HYPE 2016
– Automotive
– Business
– Digital Media
– Anesthetics
– Human Development
– Introduction to Computers

For HYPE 2016 graduates interested in employment – HYPE Works Express
HYPE Works Express  runs from August 15-19.  It is designed to assist you to improve your employ-ability and prepare you for employment search. This one week course will focus on resume development, interviewing, presentation and self-marketing.  HYPE grads who need to postpone full time study and are seeking immediate employment, or those grads who will need to work during full time studies may be interested.  HYPE Works Express is a tuition-free learning experience, including learning materials, transportation, and meals.

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